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I’m Mark Assini and I am running for Congress in the 25th Congressional District which includes most of Monroe County.

I'm a local boy raised in Gates, N.Y., graduated from Gates Chili High School, Monroe Community College and the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am married to Mary Ann Clarno and have been blessed with three children and two grandchildren.

My professional background includes experience as a financial analyst, cost accountant and marketing manager. Right now, I am the Gates Town Supervisor, a position I have held since 2010 and one that has allowed me to give back to my community—a community that has given me so much.

I am seeking election to the United States Congress to bring common sense ideas to Washington, D.C., to work for the people as our founding fathers envisioned, and to put people before politics and results before partisanship.

America is still the land of opportunity, the most free and dynamic nation on earth. We have had more individuals choose to come to our shores than to any other country—averaging more than 1 million legal immigrants a year since 2000—proof that America is still viewed around the world as “a shining city on a hill.” We have our problems, but nothing we can’t fix. There is no challenge we cannot overcome if we work together. We are still the masters of our destiny. We are Americans. We can fix this. We can do it together.



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